So you're interested in giving your child an outstanding experience of Fun, Laughter, Fitness and a big dose of self-confidence? You have come to the right place.

We work with families to not only provide you a chance to chill for 45 mins, but watch your child grow in confidence and develop skills.  We are a place where we encourage parents to watch classes if possible. 

Supporting families with any issues that may be arising in the home or school can be worked through in class. Some of our basic movement patterns that are put together to assist with memory and focus at school. 

Just let us know what areas your child is having a challenge in, or needs a little reminding and we can accomodate to support these things in class.  We can have hidden and intertwined themes that  always have an underlying message.

For this reason we combine many facets of movement, dance and skill as every child has different strengths and weaknesses.

It's from a child's strengths that they grow confidence to explore their weaknesses.

We are here to provide an environment where everyone can succeed in 45 mins and take a giant leap forward into the coming week with whatever they choose to try, whether that be at school, home or in the playground. 

Contact us NOW for a Free Trial - if one isn't enough to help your child settle please feel free to request another until they fully participate in our class. For some children participating in a group activity is a challenge in itself, but lets not let that hold them back.

Give us a call and work out a plan together for success in movement, co-ordination and confidence. 

Call Dianne on 021400553 - email